ACE Journal of Sports and Physical Education

  • ISSN Print: 2520-3967, ISSN Online:
  • Start Year: 2023
  • Volume: 2 (2024), Issue: 1

A diagnostic view of behavioral disorders among primary school students

Author: Zaid Hassoun Nasser, Nasser Hassoun Nasser and Muhammad Nima Hassan
Page: 21-25
Published online: 14 Feb 2024


The objectives of the research was to identify the reality of behavioral disorders among primary school students from the point of view of their teachers. The population and sample of the research were determined, represented by fourth-grade primary school students in schools affiliated with the General Directorate of Babylon Education - Al-Musayyib Education Department, who numbered (50) students. In order to obtain data for the research, a study was conducted. Relying on the scale prepared by Hajjaj Ghanem (Teacher Appreciation of the Problem Scale (ADHD)), which consists of (22) items. After conducting the scientific foundations for it, these data were then processed statistically using the SPSS statistical package. In light of this, it was concluded that the students in the fourth grade of primary school do not have behavioral disorders to the extent that would indicate that they possess excess energy at a high level. Thus, the researchers recommended paying attention to a very large extent to students in the primary grades and in general. Especially students in the fourth grade of primary school, by monitoring their behavioral behavior and excess energy. Activating the role of the psychological counselor in the school in order to detect and diagnose behavioral disorders