ACE Journal of AIDS

  • ISSN Print: 2520-5498
  • ISSN Online:
  • Year: 2023

About Journal

ACE Journal of AIDS invites Original articles, Research articles, Reviews, Case reports, Short reports as submissions. ACE Journal of AIDS is an Open Access Scientific Journal that expects to keep researchers, clinicians, analysts, understudies, and overall population mindful of AIDS-related data with an in number concentrate on fundamental, clinical and translational science and also on the study of disease transmission and ailment anticipation. ACE Journal of AIDS goes for distributed tried and true wellspring of data on the disclosures and current advancements as unique articles, survey articles, case reports, short interchanges, and so on identified with AIDS/HIV. The Journal serves to see better about the HIV/AIDS, its belongings upon the body, the invulnerable reactions raised by the body as a protection and centering upon the real parts of the study including clinical, physiological and atomic level of the examination.

The scope of the journal includes but not limited to:  History of HIV/AIDS - Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS - Signs and symptoms - HIV - Structure and Genome of HIV - Subtypes of HIV - Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS - CDC Classification System for HIV Infection - HIV Disease Progression Rates - Management of HIV/AIDS - Prevention of HIV/AIDS - HIV/AIDS Research - Who Disease Staging System - Countries by AIDS Prevalence Rate - Circumcision and HIV - Economic Impact - Sex Education - HIV/AIDS Denialism - HIV Drug Resistance Database - HIV Superinfection - Super AIDS - AIDS Dementia Complex - Tuberculosis Coinfection - HIV-Associated Nephropathy - HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy - HIV-Associated Pruritus - Gay Bowel Syndrome - Diffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome - AIDS Defining Clinical Condition - History of HIV/AIDS - Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS - Antiviral Therapy - Opportunistic Infections - Alternative Medicine - Human Retroviruses - Molecular biology of HIV - HIV vaccine research - Molecular and cellular basis of HIV pathogenesis - Molecular biology, immunology, and pathogenesis - HIV/HTLV epidemiology - A variety of care settings: pathology, coinfections - Current developments in HIV/AIDS-related policy