ACE Journal of Research in Sports Medicine

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  • Start Year: 2023
  • Volume: 1 (2023), Issue: 1

The effect of the seven-course learning strategy (7E’S) on the cognitive speed and accuracy of defensive performance in volleyball for female students

Author: Haider Mahmoud Abood
Page: 1-5
Published online: 19 Feb 2024


The study aimed to develop educational units based on the seven-year learning cycle curriculum and evaluate their the impact on cognitive speed and accuracy of defensive performance is a significant factor to consider. among female students participating in volleyball. Volleyball is a difficult sport with complex movements and skills, and it is included in physical education curricula. To ensure effective skill acquisition and mastery, teachers must use modern strategies, such as the seven-cycle learning approach, which aligns with the defensive skills required for successful learning. Cognitive speed, an important mental aspect in all sports, including volleyball, plays an important role in enabling learners to execute precise skills that meet criteria for optimal performance. To be consistent with the research procedures, an experimental design using the experimental approach was used. 2021-2022 academic year, research sample selected from the community Proportion of female third-year students at universities of physical education and exercise science at the University of Babylon. The sample consisted of 24 out of 30 female students. After applying the educational curriculum and applying the subsequent tests, post hoc tests were conducted. Appropriate statistical methods were used to analyze the data, which led the researcher to draw several conclusions. Among these conclusions, one of the most important results was the presence of a positive effect of the seven-year Learning loop strategies for cognitive speed and accuracy in volleyball defensive performance among female students.