ACE Journal of Sports and Physical Education

  • ISSN Print: 2520-3967, ISSN Online:
  • Start Year: 2023
  • Volume: 2 (2024), Issue: 1

Muscle Strength and Its Relationship to Some Lower Extremity Injuries in Advanced Soccer Players

Author: Ali Hassan Al‐Obeidi, Moayad A. Al‐Taie and Falah Hasan Hamash
Page: 1-7
Published online: 10 Jan 2024


Sports teams and national teams seek to raise the level of their players and reach the highest levels and sports injuries are one of the most prominent obstacles that prevent raising the level. The research aims to determine the relationship between muscle strength and the rate of lower limb injuries in athletes. The most important statistical methods are descriptive statistics and correlation coefficients. Significance of differences (t‐test). Repetitions The most important conclusions were that there is an inverse relationship between muscle strength in the lower extremity and the rate of lower extremity injuries addressed in the research. (The more muscular strength improves the fewer the number of injuries associated with it) The preparation period is the period in which players are exposed to injuries, as a result of incorrect physical loads and lack of progression in the training load. The most important recommendations were that the greater the muscle strength in the lower extremity the less injuries in the lower extremity. But the coach must pay attention to all elements of physical fitness in order to benefit from what he has worked to develop. Paying attention to developing the three types of strength in players and not neglecting any of them. (Great power, explosive power, endurance).